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What is Text-to-Buy?

Text-to-Buy makes it easier to buy our products, simply and quickly via text. We find the product for you, process the checkout for, and even send you shipping updates... all via text. Text to Buy is the fastest and easiest way to shop on mobile.

How do I sign up?

Text MARSH HOUSE to 926-848 or go to our website and click on the “Buy Via Text” button. You’ll receive a Welcome text message prompting you to opt in to receive our texts. You reply “Yes” and now you’re part of our text community. From then on, you can text us anytime to order products, ask for recommendations, or say hello!

How do I place orders?

Text us to order any product at any time. You’ll receive a response with the product’s pricing for approval. You text “Yes” and you’ll receive a secure link to enter your payment and delivery information. Once this is complete, we place your order and send you a confirmation text with the final pricing (including tax and shipping) and estimated delivery time. It’s that simple. We’ll also text you the tracking link once your order ships!

After your first order, Text-to-Buy gets even easier. You never have to enter your payment or delivery information again. Simply text us to order a product, reply “Yes” to approve the price and that’s it, your order is placed and on its way to you!

Are there fees associated with using the service?

There are NO fees. You pay only for the price of the item(s), plus tax and shipping, just like you would if you ordered it yourself online.

What are the operating hours?

You can text us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your order will be received and a response sent 24/7. Orders are processed on weekdays from 9am-9pm CT and weekends from 10am-6pm CT.

What are the shipping policies?

Your order is shipped directly to you from various online retailers. Shipping costs vary and we’re happy to provide shipping costs upon request. The expected delivery time is 3-10 business days, depending on location. Please text us if you have any questions about the delivery and we’re happy to help you.